Welcome to Best Coupon Club  Your #1 resource for shopping smart!  Let’s face it…we can take some measures to control our monthly bills like our water bill, light bill etc. or no control over some of our monthly bills like mortgage, car payment etc. but we CAN take control over our grocery bill and household spending!  That’s the good news!  What we need is a good system to reduce our bills and keep more money in our pockets.  So let’s get started!

Prices go up and it seems that every time we go to the supermarket we buy less and less for the same amount of money. It’s an ongoing battle with our wallets and our budgets. What would it feel like to slash our grocery bill 50% and buy more? Well, now we can do just that – with a little planning and COUPONS! We have no control over most of our bills – the mortgage, utilities, the car payment, insurance payment and so forth…..we can tweak and research but we can not lower these essentials substantially but we CAN lower our grocery bill substantially to compensate and help us meet our budget with flying colors and have fun doing it! Let’s embark on a journey that will take us to discovering our own surroundings and making them better…..where we can customize our shopping and save money doing it. We spend a fair amount of time planning our day, week and month….even year. Why don’t we take some time and plan our grocery shopping that is a vital part of our lifestyle. The couponing lifestyle helps you plan, organize and budget your money for optimum results. You get to try new products at unbelievable prices, buy more of what you like and don’t have to resort to store brand or generic brands that you don’t feel comfortable with. We will also learn how to use products in new ways to further our efforts of saving money. Plan our meals around what we buy and like to consume. And while we’re saving money, let’s plan what we will do with it! My three step system will make it so easy for you and it will simplify the overwhelming world of coupons. You only need 1 supermarket of your choice, 1 drugstore of your choice and !1 main website. All the suggestions I will give you are customizable to your lifestyle and 15 minutes a day while you are having your coffee will be enough to plan your shopping plan. Let’s explore together how fun saving can be!

Best Coupon Club Presents:


Step 1

Analyze and Customize

Step 2

Couponing 101

Step 3

Buying what you use, using what you buy.