About six years ago, I was introduced to couponing and haven’t stopped since. The mere thought that I could use coupons to lower my grocery bill was incredible! Nowhere else in this world does this advantage exist….thank you, USA! To this day, it has only gotten better and better. I have consistently lowered my bill by more than half and have had fun doing it.

As I continued on my couponing journey, I realized that I was creating a “system” for managing my household. I started realizing that I could actually use a system to coupon and keep it simple and most of all, fun, because let’s face it….a confused mind says no, and coupons can be overwhelming and confusing.

I started tweaking my system to our family needs (and wants!) and I can do the same for you. Here are my numbers:

Family of four grocery shopping per month: approximately $400.00 x month
Brought down to: approximately $200.00 x month


That is a total savings of $2,400.00!

What did I do with the money saved? I took my family on vacation and had an awesome time! What will you do with the money you save?